A unique wellness offer in Switzerland (opening approx. 2025)

A holistic, preventive wellness approach with a focus on health and recovery of body, mind and soul accompanies you at the Appenzeller Huus from arrival to departure. Designed by Goco Hospitality.

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Huus Löwen Hot Tub Und Rooftop

Wellness for all senses

A holistic range of diagnostics and treatments for relaxation at the highest level is unique in Switzerland. Our health experts use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to tailor wellness treatments to the individual needs of our guests. A selection of wellness packages combine elements of integrative wellness, spa and thermal therapies, classical and holistic spa treatments, fitness and exercise, beauty and aesthetics, coordinated wellness food and coaching. With this holistic approach, we support you in leading a sustainable healthy life - even beyond your stay with us.

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The healing power of nature

Moments of complete tranquility and regeneration await you in our luxurious spa at the Appenzeller Huus. Experience the healing power of warmth and water in a landscape of plunge and floating pools, saunas, relaxation areas and more. The four themes of mountains, lakes, forest and canyon also accompany you in the wellness garden, where the clear mountain air brings body and mind into balance. The infinity pool offers a special kind of bathing experience with a view of the sublime mountain landscape of Appenzellerland.

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Four elements for absolute relaxation

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Over 2000 square meters of space await you, including a herbal and meditation sauna, a salt steam bath, a rain room and numerous treatment rooms. All areas are decorated in warm colors and materials based on the four themes of mountains, lakes, forest and canyon. Immerse yourself in a relaxing journey through nature. Expect organic materials, earthy tones and a design inspired by waterfalls, rain, mountains and forests with relaxing sound and light elements.

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Holistic Appenzellerland

Studies prove the healing and restorative effects that nature can have on our minds and bodies. That's why nature is everywhere at the Appenzeller Huus. In yoga, fitness and meditation in the open air, in outdoor experiences in the mountains and in the seasonal specialties in the restaurants. Experience the Appenzell region with body, mind and soul.