Appenzeller Huus Rendering Garten

Sustainable place of power in Appenzellerland

The Appenzeller Huus offers a unique mix of hotel, residential and culinary delights - an innovative concept that emphasizes sustainability, eco-friendly tourism and traditional craftsmanship.

Appenzeller Huus Huus Löwen Gonten Monica Vigo
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Retreat between tradition and modernity

The Appenzeller Huus is a beacon with international appeal in the hotel, residential, gastronomy and wellness sectors. We offer all our guests, whether short term or long term, as well as the locals, warm and dedicated hospitality with a feel-good character.

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Our vision

Nestled in the beautiful Appenzell countryside, the Appenzeller Huus offers relaxation for body, mind and soul as a place of strength. Thanks to the use of local materials such as solid wood, the Appenzeller Huus stands for a sustainable development of tourism and living culture. We not only want to be one of the most popular local employers, but also offer a contemporary and affordable level of service.

At the Appenzeller Huus in idyllic Gonten, you can treat your body, mind and soul. This is a good place to live, work and simply enjoy. Situated 900 meters above sea level, this retreat between tradition and modernity offers its residents and guests not only high-quality, sustainable premises, but also a wide range of leisure, wellness, gastronomic and cultural activities. The Appenzeller Huus consists of two existing buildings and five new buildings with hotel rooms, condominiums, vacation apartments and serviced apartments. Beneath the traditional exterior of the Appenzeller Huus, however, lies an ultra-modern core.

In our hotels, warmth meets comfort and down-to-earthness meets exclusivity. The hosts are passionate about hospitality and create a family atmosphere. So that every visit is an unforgettable experience.

  • 47 flats
  • 18 rooms in the 3-star Hotel Huus Bären
  • 24 rooms in the 4-star Hotel Huus Löwen
  • 30 rooms in the 5-star wellness hotel Huus Quell
  • Co-Working Spaces
  • 5-star wellness offer
  • Infinity pool with Säntis view
  • unique fine dining concept from traditional to vegetarian and vegan cuisine
  • Switzerland's largest wine cellar (opening 2025)