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Appartement House Huus Seealpsee

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Appenzeller Huus Eingang
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The serviced flats are fully furnished holiday or freehold flats with 3.5 and 4.5 rooms, which can be rented directly through the Appenzeller Huus if they are vacant. The residents benefit from the services of the hotel.

If you like to make regular trips to the Appenzellerland, Huus Seealpsee is the perfect solution. The 3.5 to 4.5 room flats are fully furnished freehold flats that can be rented directly through the Appenzeller Huus if they are vacant. They benefit from the low tax rate in Gonten. The flats can be easily converted into smaller units, which also makes it possible to rent out individual rooms. You can also enjoy the gastronomic offerings and the wellness oasis of the hotels belonging to the complex and benefit from other services.

  • Appenzell knitted construction
  • regional moon wood
  • sustainable construction
  • photovoltaics
  • timeless design
  • first class equipment
  • light-flooded rooms
  • noble ambience
  • combisteamer
  • induction cooker
  • flexible room layout
  • hotel services
  • wellness offer
  • gastronomy
  • cultural offer


Appenzeller Huus Esszimmer
Appenzeller Huus Esszimmer2
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Appenzeller Huus Badezimmer2
Appenzeller Huus Badezimmer1
Appenzeller Huus Wohnzimmer
Appenzeller Huus Eingang
Huusquell Infinity Pool
Appenzeller Huus Esszimmer3

Perfect elegance, natural materials

All flats are characterised by high-quality and natural materials such as traditional Appenzell moonwood and stone from the region. The reduced interior design with deliberately placed accents gives the rooms a timeless elegance.

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Appenzeller Huus Badezimmer2

Plenty of space and light

The interior design is modern but sleek at the same time. Colours are deliberately used to emphasise the noble ambience. The floor plans are generous and the rooms are flooded with light thanks to high window fronts. The most modern appliances, from the combisteamer to the induction cooker in the kitchen, leave nothing to be desired.

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Appenzeller Huus Gonten Drohnenaufnahme

Unique concept

The Appenzeller Huus combines the best of living and enjoying, creating a unique retreat for body, mind and soul. Enjoy the intimacy of a private flat with the amenities and services of a hotel. A first-class wellness area, excellent restaurants and inspiring cultural events await you right on your doorstep.

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Our consulting team

Jan Schoch, Project Owner & Principal

Kristina Hinze, Consulting & Sales

Tobias Blumer, Consulting & Sales

Tel.: +41 71 510 95 95

[email protected]

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