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Conferences in the Appenzeller Huus

Our exclusive seminar and workshop facilities offer a cosy ambience inside and the beautiful Appenzellerland outside the door. Inspiration and motivation included!


Appenzeller Huus Alpstein
Appenzeller Huus Huus Löwen Gonten Löwensaal Seminar (6)


The Appenzellerland: imposing mountains, hilly landscape, lush pastures, charming villages and living traditions.

Business and events with inspiration and comfort in the most beautiful surroundings - flexible conference rooms, state-of-the-art seminar technology, culinary highlights and attractive supporting programs for your event.

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Appenzeller Huus Huus Löwen Gonten Löwensaal Seminar (1)


Huus Löwen

99 m2 / Seats 26 to 80 people, depending on seating. Opening in 2023, the light-flooded Löwensaal is made of moon wood and equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Glass chandeliers and many details create a modern yet cozy atmosphere. The romantic garden behind Huus Löwen can be used for breaks and aperitifs.


Appenzeller Huus Seminar Gonten Appenzell Huus Bären (4)

Boardrooms Gonten & Appenzell

Huus Bären

23 m2 / 29 m2 / Space for 8 or 12 people Our two meeting rooms at Huus Bären are light and traditional, yet perfectly equipped for inspiring meetings and workshops. The two rooms, Gonten and Appenzell, can be connected or used separately. A view of the mountain range in the distance or the green hills of Gonten from the window front provides brief moments of relaxation.


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Huus Bären

25 m2 The authentic meeting room in Huus Bären, built with original Appenzell knotted wood, exudes tradition and coziness. Natural daylight and a cozy fireplace create the perfect Appenzell ambience. The Lehnerstube is ideal for small seminars and workshops for up to 12 people.



Golfen in Gonten

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