Huus Bären Historic 3

From wayside tavern to the Appenzeller Huus

What began as a roadside inn will, after its completion in 2025, become a place of relaxation for body and soul and a pioneer of gentle tourism in the Appenzell region.

  • 1602

    Huus Baeren Historic

    Construction of the main building

    A dendrochronological report dates the construction of the main building of the Bären to 1602.

  • 1751

    A wayside tavern

    The first documents confirm that there was a wayside tavern in the centre of the settlement, where the present-day Bären is located.

  • 1751

    The first innkeeper in Gonten

    Konrad Hersche is the first host of the Bären and also the first host in Gonten.

  • 1962/63

    Huus Bären Historic 2

    A hotel is founded

    Structural expansion: the impressive inn becomes a real hotel.

  • 2015

    Appenzeller Huus Portrait Sales Appenzeller Huus HR 8 Jan Schoch

    New owner

    Takeover of the Hotel Bären from the Dörig community of heirs: For Jan U. Schoch, the Hotel Bären is a matter of the heart. His parents were married in this historic house, and with the takeover he is saving the Bären from closure.

  • 2015

    Appenzeller Huus Hotel Bären Gonten Restaurant Bärenstobe Fassade Reto Guntli

    Extensive renovation

    The Bären shines in contemporary splendour as a 3-star superior boutique hotel. The lower floor is converted into a 'tavern'.

  • 2020

    Appenzeller Huus Hotel Bären Gonten DZ originell 26 Heuladen Reto Guntli

    More rooms, seminar rooms, spa

    Expansion of the traditional house with 12 junior suites and rooms, a spa area and new seminar rooms.

  • 2021

    Huus Loewen Historic

    Expansion with the Löwen

    Jan U. Schoch buys the Hotel Löwen, which is located opposite the Hotel Bären, as well as another property behind the Hotel Bären.

  • 2023

    Appenzeller Huus Gonten Drohnenaufnahme

    The Appenzeller Huus

    The merger of the Huus Bären and Huus Löwen hotels and, in 2025, the 5-star wellness hotel Huus Quell and the areas and properties behind the Huus Bären will create the Appenzeller Huus as an umbrella brand.

  • Outlook through 2025

    Appenzeller Huus Rendering Garten

    Outlook To 2025

    Early 2025: Opening of the 5-star wellness hotel Huus Quell and completion of the holiday apartments, condominiums and serviced apartments.