Appenzeller Huus - the hotels

The Appenzeller Huus focuses on a new, gentle tourism concept: it consists of the two hotels Huus Löwen and Huus Bären as well as the 5-star wellness hotel Huus Quell (Opening 2025).

  • Appenzeller Huus Hotel Bären Gonten Exterior Retoguntli (5) Fassade

    Huus Bären

    "Wöllkomm" in Huus Bären

    Shaped by the origin, inspired by the future, motivated by the moment.


  • Appenzeller Huus Loewen RET 2571 Room 115

    Huus Löwen

    "Wöllkomm" at the 4-star Hotel Huus Löwen

    From the 11th century, 4-star Hotel Huus Löwen joins tradition, modernity and passionate hospitality


  • Appenzeller Huus Huusquell Zimmer04

    Huus Quell (Opening 2025)

    Wöllkomm in the 5-star Hotel Huus Quell (opening planned for 2025)

    From 2025, your hideaway for relaxation on a whole new level awaits you here. 2200 square meters of Goco wellness, surrounded by idyllic countryside and hospitality at the highest level.


Appenzeller Huus Wohnzimmer

Appenzeller Huus - the flats

Our vacation, condominium and serviced apartments offer the ideal retreat within walking distance of a wide range of restaurants, spa facilities and cultural events.

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