SEMINARS in Appenzellerland

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Appenzeller Huus Hotelbärengonten Bärestobe Retoguntli
Appenzeller Huus Hotelbärengonten F&B Bärestobe Retoguntli (2)

Celebrate in Huus Bären

We know how to spoil you in Appenzellerland! In the Bärenstube of the 3-star hotel you eat a la carte. It can accommodate up to 92 guests, and 30 in the tavern and Schmitte. Whatever the occasion, you can have your say in planning the menu. We will arrange regional culinary delights for you according to the four seasons. If you wish, your event can be transformed into a real traditional Stobete with live Appenzell music, which we can organise for you. To make it really heemelig, we will be happy to serve you in traditional Appenzell costume.

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