Appenzeller Huus

Wine cellar

Our carefully curated selection of wine treasures is stored in the centuries-old vaulted cellar of 3-star Hotel Huus Bären. The ideal place for tastings for up to ten people.

Good food and a fine wine have always been important to him: Hans Rhyner has visited wineries all over the world and learned a lot from professionals at the grassroots level. He is particularly fascinated by the small estates whose winemakers put a lot of craftsmanship and heart and soul into their work. Hans Rhyners will spoil you with fine wines from our stock in the wine cellar in Huus Bären, the Magnothek in Huus Löwen from 2025 from the new wine cellar of the Appenzeller Huus, which covers over 300 square metres.


Appenzeller Huus Bärengonten Winecellar Crop Square
Appenzeller Huus Hotelbärengonten F&B Wiichoelle Retoguntli (2)
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